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Hi! I’m Jodi and I’ve been in the creative industry for a long while now. You can check out my credentials here on my site and also on LinkedIn. I’d love it if you sent me a connection request!

About Me

Anyway, I know how hard it is to struggle to land a job and how impossible it can be to claw your way through this industry. That’s why I’m here to help!

I’ve got a variety of options available to help students and professionals alike. Take your portfolio from ho-hum to day-um! I can also help you with that super structured boring HR approved resume you might need help with and I can even help you fix up your ecommerce store solutions.

If you need help and don’t see exactly what you need, send me a message!

Portfolio Critiques

General Portfolio Critique – $150 and Up
2 Hour Review with Feedback

You’ve changed and so has your work! Does your portfolio reflect who you are and what your talents are now? Get a fresh perspective on your portfolio with feedback on what to add, remove, and how to reorganize it all. Proofreading text is always included! Perfect for online portfolios from SmugMug to Behance.

Student Portfolio Critique – $250 Flat Fee
2 Hour Review with Feedback, 1 Hour Final Review
College and/or Applications are required for a comprehensive review.

Applying to college and graduate programs are stressful enough without worrying if your portfolio follows the required criteria and if it’s curated and presented properly. The Student Portfolio Critique offers a full review of your admission portfolio and double checks the requirements, the presentation, and the impact of the body of work and written materials. A full review of materials is included as well as proofreading and suggestions to polish your portfolio.

Website Review

Website Review – $200 and Up
Personal and Professional Websites – 4 Hour Review with Feedback

Are your images presented well? What’s going on with those broken links and that weird menu?! I can help you with that. A Website Review ensures that you get an in-depth review of your site’s content, menu and link testing, and advice on how to visually enhance your content.

Marketplace Website Review – $100 and Up
Ecommerce Website Solutions – 2 Hour Review with Feedback

A review of landing pages and product description pages ensures great user experience for your shoppers! Perfect for ecommerce solutions like Shopify and Etsy.

Resume Assistance

Creative Resume Review – $150
Professional Format – 2 Hour Review with Feedback, 1 Hour Final Review

Feel completely confident when you present your written resume to potential employers and future clients with a Creative Resume Review. Tips and tricks will ensure that your resume is presented professionally to HR Departments and is SEO optimized for Internet searches by Recruiters.

Creative Resume Template – $100
Professional Format – Information Only, No Review

Simply fill in the blanks and format your content with this easy to use Creative Resume Template. This tried and true format will ensure that your content is SEO optimized and professionally presented to appeal to HR Departments and Recruiters. Perfect to duplicate over to LinkedIn and other networking sites.

Creative Resume Review – $50
Creative Format – 1 Hour Review with Feedback

That spiffy resume you spent hours on is pretty bad ass so good job! But does it present well to corporate level recruiters? Get a review and professional proofread to ensure that your resume stands out from the crowd.

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